3 steps to consider before making an App

Posted on Thursday May 23, 2013

I recently had someone inquire about creating a new iOS App and I thought I would share some of my responses. Here are the three steps I encourage each person to consider before making an App.

1) Research - are there apps out there that already provide the features and functionality you desire? If so, how will your idea be better? If not, is there enough of a market to warrant the app investment?

2) Prototype - explore your idea down to the detail. You can do this with something as simple as PowerPoint. The idea behind prototyping is to layout visually what the app does. What does each screen look like? If I tap on this button where does it take me, etc.

3) Outline - take all of the visual information in step 2 and write it down. This information should be like taking a gallon of water and distilling it down into just a few drops. What does your app do? What problems will your app solve? What is the market for your app?

So before diving into App creation maybe you will stop a ponder these steps and I think you will either end up with a better start or perhaps figure out there is not a need to start.