Four years ago everything changed

Posted on Tuesday August 13, 2013

Four years ago my life changed forever when we welcomed Ella Reese Strickland into the world. Not only did I become a dad, but I fell in love again all over.


A few things I will never forget…

  • I will never forget that moment when the doctor lifted you out of his hands and into mine.

  • I will never forget the first time our eyes met.

  • I will never forget the feeling that you knew my voice when I first told you I loved you.

A few things I hope you will never forget…

  • You are loved and have extreme value because you were created in God’s image.

  • Your dreams are just a glimpse at what can be if you have the conviction that they must be.

  • Your mark on this world may be measured in many ways but I hope the greatest is how you loved others.

Love you Ella, Happy Birthday :)