An Update To Gitty Now Available

Posted on Monday July 15, 2013

A new version of Gitty has now shipped and is available as a free update in the App Store. If you have not picked up a copy yet, you can do so here.

With this update, users can now view their personal and starred Gists. Code diff viewing has gotten better as well. Instead of looking at a tiny view of the code, each should render in full height now.

For a full list of updates, check out the release notes below. Thanks again for your support on Gitty and as we step towards 2.0, I think you will be happier and happier.

Release Notes


  • Gitty now supports Gists, viewing your favorite Gists is just a tap away.

  • Share your gists.


  • Gitty offers better support for viewing commit diffs.  No longer do you have to look at tiny boxes of rendered code, the height of each box should be match the height of the file.

Code Viewing - (iPhone and iPod Touch)

  • You can now view your code in landscape mode.


  • Keep up to date with the latest changes for Gitty right inside of the app.


  • Fixed a bug where trying to enter the edit mode for adding a comment multiple times would not produce the desired result.

  • Fixed searching terms with spaces.

  • Fixed menu options for Repositories without Issues.


  • Updated Russian Translation.