Matthew Strickland

GitHub Feature Request: Organizational Wikis

I love GitHub and use it daily. So much so that I built an App for it. GitHub has changed the way the world creates software forever. If GitHub were to grant me one feature request today, I would ask for Organizational Wikis.


Invest in you, a strategy for leveling up

In Technology, it is easy to fall behind. Just when you think you are up to speed on the latest advancements in your area (Web, Mobile, etc.) there is a new Open Source project being worked on that will make what you are doing easier or obsolete.

Reliance on your employer to make sure you are the best in your field is a failing idea. While some of us work for companies that will send their employees to training, to conferences, they will even let us purchase books and resources that will help us further ourselves, but still there are even more of us where this is not the case.

Do not expect others to invest in you. It may happen but it is not definite, this is why it is imperative that today you start investing in you.


3 Tips for Launching an App

Launching anything is scary. Launching something you have poured your heart into can be downright guy wrenching. The highs and lows, the ascents and the free falls, this is the life of launching.

You want people to love this thing you’ve worked so hard for. You want them to find joy in it the same way you do.


In all of this uncertainty, here are a few tips from my experience in launching Apps that may help you clarify and enjoy the experience.


Host a static site for free using GitHub

Have you ever wanted to host a static HTML website but either did not have a hosting provider or the money to host? Well in this post, I am going to show you a few simple steps you can follow to get a static HTML website hosted by the great folks at GitHub


Gitty for GitHub Contest

Today marks six weeks since the release of Gitty for GitHub and to celebrate, I am giving away a free copy of Gitty to one lucky reader.


Making iOS Deployment Easy

Recently I wrote about automating everything, you know taking those things that you do daily, weekly, monthly and making them easily reproducible. After reading it, you may have been asking yourself, “Matthew, what is a tangible way you do this everyday?” Well dear reader, here’s a good example:


Deep not wide

Almost 10 years ago I was graduating from college, about to get married to the love of my life and trying to figure out what my career would look like. My degree was in Computer Science and while I enjoyed the creative process of it there were definitely areas that did not peak my interest.

As I started to dream of the future, I felt this pressure to get in somewhere on the ground level, work hard and work my way up fast. It was like everyone in my life at the time said that was the way to go. And so I did…


Automate Everything

Being a developer affords me the opportunity of bending technology to make my life easier. One thing that this ability has taught me is that we should “Automate Everything”. What exactly do I mean by that?

Instead of logging in, clicking on five things, remembering a sequence of events and passwords…just automate it. Write a script with clear notes and be done with it.


How WWDC 2013 paved the way for Apps on the Apple TV

Disclaimer: I am an iOS Developer and these are just some thoughts surrounding the publicly available information.

On Monday, Tim Cook and the team at Apple unveiled OSX Mavericks and iOS 7 to the world. While there was no mention of the “iTV” or an Apple TV where one can write Apps for it, there were some subtle signs that point to its pending arrival.

One of the announced features for OSX Mavericks was the ability to use a High Definition Television as a fully functional display. Here’s the quote from Apple:


3 steps to consider before making an App

I recently had someone inquire about creating a new iOS App and I thought I would share some of my responses. Here are the three steps I encourage each person to consider before making an App.